29 May 2014

iris chrysographes fail

Joe adding insult to injury.
Sad rotten little Iris chrysographes, who sits in his pot of free-draining soil.

The rhizome looked a little sketchy to me when it arrived from White Flower Farm last week, and I saw no evidence of growth, but I potted it up and set it out on the fire escape anyway.

This week there is nothing happening still, so I wrote a note to the nice folks in customer service, had a response within the day from Diane, and have been promised a replacement.

We just want these things to work.


  1. I like how Joe is checking on things. I planted 10 crowns of asparagus to replace 10 of the 20 i planted a few years back when i was desperate to play in the dirt, but i did put them in a tad too early. This time i'm doing it "properly," meaning that i've dug the trench, laid them out and sprinkled them with some of the dirt, waiting for them to grow to add more dirt. I also think a layer of seaweed would be good.

    The directions say to wait until i see some green poking through. For now, i remain a lady in waiting.

  2. Deanna10:00 PM

    I have had one fail from White Flower Farm. A tomato. Been a few years now so I do not recall the variety. Replacement sent immediately. Vigorous and productive. Hope the same for your iris.

  3. J! I just realized that your signature in a comment you made to me was this link. Cool!! Such a pretty blog. Remind me to tell you about my recent adventures in planting bamboo someday ....