16 August 2012

slate hill farm, the 2012 edition

Gracious, more daylilies! After church last Sunday, I had a choice: Turn left and go home to weed. Hmmmm. Turn right and visit Slate Hill Farm, just to look around a bit and see what's blooming . . . What do you think I did? What would you do?

Craig and Mary Barnes took time out from their weeding to walk me through their late-blooming daylilies, all of which I wanted to buy. I somehow managed to limit myself to fewer than 10. But just barely. I'll pick them up on Saturday.

The information below is from Slate Hill Farm and other sites (including Bloomingfields Farm and Oakes Daylilies):
  • 'Kindly Light' Classic spider, glowing yellow, very narrow petals recurved, blooming from mid-summer for about five weeks, 30 inches (Bechtold, 1950)
  • 'Princess Irene' Rich, clear orange, blooming from mid-summer until frost, 36 inches (Zager, 1952)
  • 'Poinsettia' (for some reason this one isn't in the online catalog, so I'm linking to Google images): Orange-red spider, mid-season to late, 36 inches (Stout, 1953)
  • 'Frans Hals' (ditto on this one, too): Bright rust and orange bicolor, creamy orange midrib on petals, very long blooming from midseason, 28 inches (Flory, 1955)
  • 'Bitsy' Grassy foliage, small yellow flowers, reblooms, extra-early, 20 inches (Warner, 1963)
  • 'Gold Thimble' Tiny, tiny, tiny! Beautiful little cup-shaped gold blossom (Hughes, 1966)
  • 'Lady Neva' Soft yellow semi-spider with rose eye, fragrant, early-midseason, 42 inches (Alexander/Moody, 1970)
  • 'Scarlet Orbit' Red with chartreuse throat, reblooms, fragrant, early, 22 inches (Gates, 1984)
  • 'Easter Monday' Pale yellow trumpet, fragrant(!), mid-season to late, 52 inches (Craig and Mary Barnes, 2006)
Notice the Barnes's hybrid, 'Easter Monday'? It's a large trumpet and fragrant. Say no more. And the color is wonderful. All right, stop. And did you notice how tall it is? That's it: I love it.

I seem to be partial to older varieties, traditional shapes, and traditional colors, although I did kind of a double-take on an almost white daylily that the Barnes are trialing now. I bet that would look great among brighter colors.

The last daylily I want to buy this year is Sydney Eddison's favorite, 'Painted Lady.' I've found it at Lakeview Daylily Farm, and nowhere else, so before it gets too much later in the season, I need to put a last order in . . .


  1. I need orange, late blooming day lilies. Fiery. Any recommendations?

  2. What do you think of Stargazer Lillies? Those are my wife's favorite.

    If you follow my blog, I'll follow yours!


    Casey Sean Harmon

  3. James, I took photos of more reddish daylilies this weekend, but will take some of orange ones to post. Slate Hill has some nice ones.

    Casey, thanks for visiting! Stargazers are really pretty lilies. Does your wife grow them where you are in Germany, I take it? And I'm happy to follow your blog!

  4. J,
    No, she hasn't tried to grow any yet. And yes, we currently live in south Germany. Needless to say it gets really cold here!

    Thanks for following my blog!