23 August 2012

daylilies for james

James, here are a few daylilies I took note of at Slate Hill Farm last weekend. They're all in bloom now. Fiery, but fiery red, rather than fiery orange, most of them.

'Ruby My Dear': Red with a yellow throat, late, 28 inches (Craig and Mary Barnes, 2011)

'Augie Lombard': Red blend, very late, 31 inches (Bell, 1991)

'Caroline No': Red-orange with a red band above a yellow-green throat, late, 36 inches (Craig and Mary Barnes 2008)

'Challenger': Warm brick red with gold midribs, late midseason to late, 72 inches (Stout, 1949); Mary Barnes noted that it was blooming beautifully in an area with half sun

'Poinsettia': Orange-red spider, mid-season to late, 36 inches (Stout, 1953)
I know you already have 'Autumn Minaret." Did yours come into bloom a few weeks ago like mine did? It's already over six feet tall. Just beautiful.

'Princess Irene' is a great orange (see my previous post), and it was in bloom at Slate Hill Farm last weekend, too.

Old House Gardens is selling two other beautiful late daylilies, 'August Pioneer' and 'Black Friar.' Have you seen them?

Good luck! I think I may go back and buy a 'Challenger' this weekend. It really stood out to me. I'll also be on the lookout for more fiery orange daylilies for you . . .

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  1. Thanks for posting more pictures and the names. Red will do, and late reds and oranges are needed. As I recall Slate Hill Farm doesn't do mail order, so I'll have to find a local daylily specialist. I got three Autumn Minarets, I think two years ago. All three have been blooming for about a month, and they're about six feet tall. I love them, but a stronger color would better punch through the complexity around them.