16 July 2012

finally . . . an update and some fall-blooming crocus ordered

How embarrassing not to have checked in since the days this spring when the poet's narcissus were in bloom! The garden continues to grow, however, and much is the same (while much is different). Spring has turned to summer, and with summer have come thoughts of autumn in general, and thoughts of fall-blooming crocus in particular. I'm always late to the party where ordering special bulbs is concerned, but this year, THIS YEAR, I've gotten my ducks in a row now and have just placed an order with Brent and Becky's Bulbs for the following:
A few years back somehow I got my hands on some lovely pale-purple fall-blooming crocus that I planted in the perennial garden in September when space was at a real premium, which means that I tucked them between a raft of Stachys byzantina and a cloud of Anemone 'Honorine Jobert,' way over on the end where I never go. (I wonder if every gardener has a spot in the garden that's filled with plants that don't fit anywhere else.)

The crocus got a little lost there, as you can imagine.

I noticed and dug them this spring (never saw them bloom last fall), locating the bulbs by looking for their fading, threadlike foliage, and planted them throughout a bed of Vinca minor at the top of the driveway. Doing this has several advantages: the dark foliage of the vinca will be a nice backdrop to the flowers; the ripening foliage won't be a distraction in spring, and B and I will actually be able to see them when we drive up the driveway! I'll plant the new additions to the family in this bed, too.

Very excited.


  1. Anonymous9:49 AM

    Love your site, please tell me more about endless tinkering.
    I live in north eastern vt. Zone 4

  2. Thanks for visiting! Are you a gardener? If you are, then you know that 20 percent of gardening is planning things out and 80 percent is moving things around until they begin to work! Hope you'll stop by again soon.