07 April 2012

garlic up and growing

You can see that in the header image. Didn't get around to ordering garlic from a garlic grower last fall, so I decided to get my garlic from the grocery store. It's not organic, it's nothing special, but it's up!

Seriously, I don't know much about growing garlic, but I do know that any head I buy at the store begins greening up and sprouting before I've used it all up, so I figured I'd give garlic with a Price Chopper provenance a shot in the garden. The worst that can happen? We don't get any garlic. Shoot, we can handle that.

Look how pretty, all snug in its box.


  1. There is nothing prettier than a growing garden! I have never tried garlic myself as I don't use it often enough to grow. Here's hoping they produce well for you!

  2. How fun, hope some garlic grows for you!