28 April 2012

actually accomplished on saturday

As of 10:15 am
  • Weeded dahlia bed
  • Weeded new bed by barn
  • Dug and replanted some autumn crocus (more to replant this afternoon)
10:20 am: Off to town to pick up mail and visit hardware store to buy digging fork, replacement blade for cutters, oil for lawnmower

By 7:00 pm
  • Dug, divided and moved one clump of daffodils that were too close to an aruncus (it's a start, after all!)
  • Dug, divided, and replanted  'Blue Angel' hosta, numerous astilbes, and ostrich ferns; raked out and weeded astilbe bed
  • Cut down old grass in perennial bed; used new digging fork to dig up dandelions, too
  • Cut back Rosa rugosa on slope and piled branches as neatly as I could for Ted to take away
  • Replanted rest of autumn crocus
  • Began weeding between boxes in vegetable garden
What a glorious day and what a nice sleep I'll have tonight!


  1. Schlafen sehr gut tat ​​ich! (or something like that . . .)