07 April 2012

new box for vegetable garden

The 4'x4' boxes we knocked together for the vegetable garden seven years ago (SEVEN YEARS!) are on their last legs, sad to say. We probably should have replaced them last year, but, eh, you know, time passes so quickly and where did the spring go and where did the summer go and all that. Now they are in rough shape.

When we made the first boxes in 2005, we used 2x6 boards cut into 4-foot lengths, as per Mel Bartholemew's Square Foot Gardening instructions. But when Betty put her garden together a few years ago, she used 2x10s, and they look wonderful. So now we are using 2x10s, too. Lovely lovely lovely.

Top row, left to right: Thank you for seven years of service, old box! New box assembled and ready to go (please note artfully arranged watering can and late-afternoon shadows on new box's pristine sides). B making way for the new box.  Bottom row, left to right: B placing the new box. B posing with the newly placed new box. Old box remnants on their way to the compost heap.

Because B wanted to get the potatoes planted on Good Friday (that's when his grandmother planted hers in Kentucky) AND under a full moon (a full moon, right? the best time to plant, right?), we stopped at the Agway yesterday afternoon and had the boards for the potato box cut for us.
Full moon shining over Pleasant Hill, Good Friday 2012.

I screwed the box together on the patio, B and I trundled the new box over to the garden in our cart, and B set it in place. And then last night we planted our potatoes (half a box of 'Katahdin' and half 'Red Norland') in the light of the full (and silvery) moon.

Only five more boxes to go!

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