07 July 2011

deer: 13+; j: 0


Two weeks ago, I planted some 13 dahlias and a whole bunch of heuchera in the large bed down by the road. I was diligent about watering them all in through the first week. I promised myself that I am going to stay on top of crabgrass and other weeds. And what a beautiful sight they will be!

Or would be. (Maybe still will be.)

Got home from the city late last night. Gave a quick glance over at the bed as I drove up the driveway, and all looked well.

On my way out this morning, hmmmm: a different story!

Each dahlia has had most of its leaves eaten off, as have about half the heuchera plants. Sometime between late last night and around 8:15 am today, a marauding horde of deer—even though they can gorge on all of the lush greenery festooning the woods around Pleasant Hill; even with corn growing like mad in the fields just down the road; heck, even though I can’t imagine that a heuchera leaf would taste that good—had its way with my dahlias (and some of the heuchera; did I mention that?). Nibble, nibble, nibble.

To my thinking, deer are not Bambi; they’re not, “Ooooooh! Look at the pretty deer in the field! Shhhhhh! Don’t scare it away!! Sooooo cute!”

They’re big. They’re hungry for my plants. And I don’t like ’em.

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  1. Like you need to tell me anything about deer! Hope they make it.