11 June 2011

june leaves

A friend asked B to bring flowers for her daughter's graduation party tomorrow afternoon. "Hmmmm," B said, "there's not an awful lot in bloom right now." We're sort of at the tail end of the iris/catmint/poppy era and haven't yet reached the mock orange/shasta daisy/astilbe period. So we went out this afternoon, dodged the raindrops, and took an inventory.

It turns out we have some gorgeous foliage going on: smokebush, ferns, hosta, lady's mantle, euphorbia . . . B cut and arranged various leaves in 12 Mason jars that will be filled out tomorrow morning with peonies, aruncus, and lamb's ear.

He's stored the jars in the garage (that's BeBe, our 1985 Plymouth Reliant in the background) for the night.


  1. Anonymous12:53 PM

    Those should make gorgeous arrangements! Love that limey foliage.

  2. I'm liking the limey and gold-tinged colors a lot more these days. Would love to work one of those gold-leaved locusts into the mix soon, too. (It was a fun party, by the way. Got to spend some time talking to another gardener who had never seen aruncus and thought it was cool!)