09 April 2011

notes from last fall

  • Plant the Sungold tomato against the fence and let it sprawl.
  • Do not, DO NOT tuck an extra plant into a bed that's been planted already. No more Love Lies Bleeding in with the carrots.
  • One nasturtium plant per spot is puh-lenty. Three is gross.
  • B wants to grow haricots verts, little tiny string beans.
  • One 4x4 box should have two tomato plants in it, tops.
  • B wants to grow persimmon tomatoes.
  • The two waterlily type dahlias from Corralitos are over five feet tall. They've shaded lots of other things out.
  • Octopus campanula has a gorgeous leaf. Just gorgeous and the moundy thing it does is wonderful.
  • MUST MOVE the Oriental poppies.
  • MUST remember to pinch back the asters often. They are not as pretty now as they were for a few years.

1 comment:

  1. At least you can eat the nasturtium flowers. We grew them for the flowers and the seed pods last year (to make capers) and didn't get hardly any. Looking forward to trying again this year.