10 April 2011

isn't it amazing?

  • 16 March: I am eagerly awaiting being able to walk anywhere I want on the hill without having to navigate deep piles of snow.
  • 23 March: I am bitterly lamenting yet another snowstorm and comforting myself with watching some amaryllis blossoms open.
  • 9 April: The first daffodils are about ready to bloom (B says he thinks it will be Monday), we spent the afternoon raking and clearing brush and walking the perimeter of the property, and I will plant radishes, spinach, kale, and lettuce tomorrow afternoon.
In three weeks we have gone from hip-high snow to spring. Happy days!

09 April 2011

notes from last fall

  • Plant the Sungold tomato against the fence and let it sprawl.
  • Do not, DO NOT tuck an extra plant into a bed that's been planted already. No more Love Lies Bleeding in with the carrots.
  • One nasturtium plant per spot is puh-lenty. Three is gross.
  • B wants to grow haricots verts, little tiny string beans.
  • One 4x4 box should have two tomato plants in it, tops.
  • B wants to grow persimmon tomatoes.
  • The two waterlily type dahlias from Corralitos are over five feet tall. They've shaded lots of other things out.
  • Octopus campanula has a gorgeous leaf. Just gorgeous and the moundy thing it does is wonderful.
  • MUST MOVE the Oriental poppies.
  • MUST remember to pinch back the asters often. They are not as pretty now as they were for a few years.

bluestone perennials order

Thank you, Joan and Suzann, for my gift certificates to Bluestone Perennials. With them (and a sweet 15% discount), I was able to order the following:

07 April 2011

crocuses in abingdon square park

Click on a photograph to make it larger.
As I walked past Abingdon Square Park in the Village last week, some glimpses of purple caught my eye from the middle of the small lawn. I'm used to the park's gorgeous springtime displays (they make me feel like I've gorged on beauty, truth to tell), but these crocuses planted one by one sort of took my breath away. So simple and clean and elegant.