23 March 2011

two steps forward . . .

It's cold. And we're expecting snow tonight. A few inches.

Seriously? Winter, you have worn out your welcome.

But the next two arrivals on the amaryllis circuit provide a good measure of solace. As 'Apple Blossom' fades fast, two of his friends (I'm not acquainted with them yet) have stepped up to lighten the mood on the hill.

16 March 2011


The mud has arrived. Finally. Rain and warmer temperatures over the past few weeks have begun to melt the enormous amount of snow we've had this winter, which has felt endless. A patch of grass is emerging on the side of the driveway, where Scott used his snowblower to excavate one of our cars one sleety, snowy Friday afternoon in February.

I'm having a hard time getting my mind around the possibility of being able to walk easily anywhere but on the driveway, patio, or path I shoveled to the birdfeeders, but I know I will be able to soon. I have a long list of chores to tackle once the snow is gone. And in spite of not quite believing that the ground will thaw, I'm composing a wish list of plants and seeds to order and plant.

Back in the middle of January I potted up three amaryllis bulbs I'd grown outside all last summer and then dug and stored in a styrofoam cooler in the cellar. I followed Margaret Roach's advice to water them once and let them wake up before I watered them again. The first one began to bloom last weekend, about two months after I planted it. I think it's 'Apple Blossom.' The sepals on the other two are pulling back from the buds.

Welcome to water and dirt and green and color and growth.