07 January 2011

acony bell

The fairest bloom the mountain knows
is not an iris or a wild rose,
but the little flower of which I’ll tell
known as the brave acony bell.

Just a simple flower, so small and plain,
with a pearly hue and a little-known name.
But the yellow birds sing when they see it bloom
for they know that spring is coming soon.

Well, it makes its home ’mid the rocks and the rills
where the snows lie deep on the windy hills,
and it tells the world, “Why should I wait?
This ice and snow is gonna melt away.”

And so I’ll sing that yellow bird’s song,
for the troubled times will soon be gone.

(Photo of Eranthis hyemalis, winter aconite, from a Google image search and then borrowed from http://www.virginia.edu/blandy.)

And for those who would like a listen to Gillian Welch singing the song:

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