12 July 2010

we've been crossbreedin'!

Hosta macrophylla 'Endless Tinkering.' Brand new variety, folks. Not exactly deer-resistant, but possibly deer-addling. If you like hostas and you like hydrangeas, well, why aren't you adding this to your shopping cart? Note: Planting this variety in full sun will result in purplish-blue leaves and deeply ribbed flowers.

Trademark pending: Definitely not your mama's hosta (or, for that matter, your pap's peegee)


  1. Anonymous11:55 AM

    Well, how clever of you. ;-) Thanks for the photo!

  2. Bravo! You're the featured blog for today on Blotanical. That's a lovely hosta! Wish you had been at Buffa10. You would have loved it!

  3. Nancy, I've been at work secretly for years. Next I hope to create a brown lilac that blooms all year long.

    Becky, well, thanks! Sorry I didn't have a more compelling post to bring people on over here. Ah, Buffa10 looks like it was AMAZING. I'm drooling over all the photographs I'm seeing. I know I would have loved it.

  4. Hosta breeders have just not aimed high enough up until now. They lacked vision and only concentrated on the leaves. However, your 'Endless Tinkering' opens up the breeding possibilities. ;)

  5. Northern, I agree. Such a lack of IMAGINATION among those breeders. Leaves, leaves, and more leaves. I've had enough.