13 July 2010

that old mountain dew

. . . well, maybe at some point it was full of moonshine. Now this whiskey barrel is filled with annuals and a young vine. B and I spent more than we should have, no doubt, on it this spring, to make a home for a new Clematis montana 'Mayleen' and the aforementioned annuals (lobelia, heliotrope, euphorbia 'Diamond Frost,' and petunia-y and daisy-like flowers whose names I cannot remember right now).

The plan is to build a ladder trellis against the thin chimney at the back of the house. The clematis will eventually climb that and cover the chimney with a gazillion light purple blossoms in the spring. This will liven things up certainly. I'd like to add another clematis or two to the mix at some point, but first the trellis needs to be built.

1 comment:

  1. Love these colors and I don't think you can spend too much--really. All the little blooms will like perfect on the chimney. It certainly is a healthy container so you used on the best selections.