06 July 2010

gladiolus 'Atom'

Last year, Old House Gardens included three corms of a cute little glad called 'Atom' with my order. I was instructed to share these with a friend in order to encourage said friend to order some tubers or bulbs from Old House Gardens for him or herself. But did I? Not on your life. I planted those babies, I did, and got some gorgeous flowers for my selfishness.

'Atom' blossoms are red-red with a thin white edge. The plants are smaller than the gladiolus with which I am familiar (and, to be honest, not very fond of). I dug the corms last fall, discovered that the three had miraculously turned into six, chortled with delight at this occurrence, bagged them and hung them in the laundry room, and then forgot about them until this past weekend, when I cracked the corms apart and could have shared half of them with a friend . . .


  1. I'm growing atom this year -- I got them from Arrowhead Alpines, here in Michigan, who claims that it is hardy here in zone 5! I'm interested to see if it actually overwinters.

  2. Hey, Greensparrow! You'll love them. I planted mine later in the summer last year, and they bloomed beautifully. Good luck overwintering them; you're a braver soul than I! Maybe I'll try it in my zone 5 (formerly zone 4) garden with ONE of my six corms . . . Hmmmm.