15 June 2010

late to the gate, but oh well

After a relatively chaotic spring, I finally planted the dahlia tubers on Sunday. No potting up in April or May, no careful monitoring of growth, no anxiety other than, "Oh my gosh, here it is June and I still haven't planted the dahlia tubers!"

I am inspired by Mr. Robinson, my gardening mentor, whose approach was to wait until after Memorial Day and then set the tubers on a trowel-full of compost and a sprinkling of bone meal. I'm also inspired by the fact that the dahlias I plant are not the dinner-plate-size blossomed ones I used to plant, which means that the flowers actually have a shot at developing and opening before the first frost. And finally, all the tubers had nice shoots emerging from them already, so I know they want to grow.

Well, they're late in the ground is all. What are you gonna do?

These are in addition to the five new dahlias I ordered from Corralitos Gardens and planted out about three weeks ago in the extension to the perennial bed. We've had so much drizzly, damp, cool weather recently that I'm just happy those guys haven't succumbed to depression and wasted away, like the basil I planted nearby seems to be considering. Sad little basil.