07 April 2010

signs of the season

Earth egg.


New garden.


  1. Somebody is going to be very busy. Lookinf forward to its progress.

  2. Hey, Deborah! Has spring sprung for you yet? It's entirely possible we've bitten off much more than we can chew, but I figure we're going to be getting rid of two other smaller gardens farther from the house, so let's focus our attention on the space right nearby. Wish us luck!

  3. Looks exciting. And the soil appears to have a light, friable texture, so very different from the heavy muck I "garden" in. I'm sure you'll have worked an amazing transformation by the summer of 2011.

  4. You can fit a lot of plants into that new bed! I love the color of the egg, and the snowdrops are simple and elegant!