06 April 2010

ordered from corralitos gardens

Phew. (Does anyone say that anymore?) Lucky to have thought to myself this evening, "Now what was that beautiful dahlia that Kris at Blithewold photographed last year . . . ?" So I went back to the post I wrote so that I could remember the details (it worked!), clicked on the Corralitos Gardens link, and was astounded to see that I had until only 10 April to place my order. Also somewhat surprised to see that the minimum order is $30, but . . . oh, well! It's spring!

So here's the order, chosen with an eye to having them populate a nice large swathe of the new flower bed this summer (all images swiped from the Corralitos Gardens Web site):

The one that started it all: Kris's 'Florinoor' (slightly dark foliage, anemone form, 2.5' tall, 4" blooms),

'Florinoor' will look positively staid paired with 'Honka' (how was this name chosen?! orchid form, 2.5' tall, 4" blooms).

I haven't grown a cactus form yet, and I love the color of 'Smooth Operator' (dark foliage; semi-cactus form; 2.5' tall, 5" blooms).

I'm betting 'Alpen X' will look even more astonishing face to face (very early blooming, formal decorative, 3' tall, 6" blooms)

And finally, because the color and form of 'Golden Cloud' make me think, "Ahhhhhh" (waterlily form, 4' tall, 5" blooms). Really: "Ahhhhhh."

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