04 April 2010

i got me flowers

Happy Easter! B and I woke to find that the first daffodils are in bloom on Pleasant Hill. We took a small bunch to my parents in celebration of the day and were surprised to see that almost none are in bloom yet in Schenectady, in spite of the fact that Schenectady is a solid zone 5 and we in Washington County are zone 4ish/5ish.

In addition to the yellow daffodils, we also have some gorgeous blue squill blooming, and the various and sundry bulbs I planted in the lawn last fall are beginning to bloom, too (Puschkinia scilloides var. libanotica and Scilla bifolia 'Rosea').

B remarked to me that he thought it seemed sort of early for daffodils, so when we came home this evening, I looked at past years' observations. Sure enough, in 2009 I posted a photograph of the first squill blooming on 15 April, and the first daffodils I noted were in bloom on 12 April. In 2008, I noted the first daffodils in bloom on 19 April; the week before (12 April), the squill and daffodils were up but not yet blooming.

In 2007, I noted the first sprouts on the daylilies, phlox, sedum, and peonies on 23 April. With the exception of the peonies, all of the above were definitely poking their noses into the warm sunlight as of yesterday, 3 April.

I'm thrilled and also a little spooked: I've got to get busy in the gardens!


  1. Anonymous10:07 PM

    Hi J, and Happy Easter! Yes, we're at least a good two weeks ahead of schedule here in NS, too. Your daffs and squills sound wonderful. :) And the Spring Peepers are...peeping here at last -- Spring is truly here!

  2. Happy Easter, Nancy!

    Peepers! We have a whole chorus across the road, and I love listening to them.

    I'll be happy if the lawn doesn't start growing in earnest until May, but I have a feeling that's a pipe dream. Spring is busting out all over!