28 March 2010

autumn garden plan with plants

All right then. So, based on what I have already and with minimal purchases to be made, I’ve laid out a basic plan for what will go where. (I’m going to need a solid plan to prevent me from slipping into bad habits—“Here’s a plant; there's a spot: Perfect!”). I wonder whether this looks feasible or just like a big mess. If anyone is watching, I’d appreciate feedback.

I think I have a reasonable balance of vertical and rounded shapes, with more interest added in foliage color and shape. When autumn hits, I think the grasses in the back will provide a nice backdrop for the asters and sedums in front. Good old Stachys lanata will wend its way along the front with clumps of ‘Elijah’s Blue’ fescue poking up through.

So much to consider.

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