11 January 2010

a year in two minutes

I'm a sucker for things like this. Eirik Solheim in Norway set up his video camera in such a way that he was able to capture snippets of action over the course of a year from the exact same position and then combine them into a two-minute-long meditation. This is really well done.


  1. Hi Jared, I am paying a quick visit to all of the gardening by letter participants to say Hi and a big thank you for all of the lovely gifts and cards which arrived.
    I watched the video and it is amazing, it happens all around us but we take it for granted.

  2. great video! hope you have a great year!

  3. Anonymous1:35 AM

    This really is amazing! What talent...and thanks for sharing.

    (Pleasant Hill Rambles is my featured Blog of the Week, by the way...I created a link in my sidebar and I hope your readership soars!) :-)

  4. That is terrific! Thanks for sharing!
    He really captures it well.

  5. Anonymous4:39 PM

    I live in Australia and we don't experience such extreme changes in our environment and I am fascinated by this little video. Today is going to be 35 deg Celsius plus, I am feeling cooler already!
    Many thanks!