11 November 2009

2009 header images

Just for the fun of it: a catalog of the header images I've used on the blog this year. There may be a few more lurking somewhere; I will add them as I find them. Suzann told me yesterday that she enjoyed seeing them change through the months (I honestly thought I was the only one who even noticed that I switched them out!).

View of winter sky through icy crabapple branches, January.

House, prayer shack, chicken coop and garage from the vegetable garden, January.
B walking the cowpath from the hay barn, January.
Blue hour near the garage, early February.Prayer shack from the lilac thicket, March.Early spring pansy on the fire escape, New York City, April.Hellebores at St. John's in the Village Episcopal Church, New York City, April.Species tulips and grape hyacinths on West 11th Street, New York City, April.Spring in Abingdon Square Park, New York City, April.Crabapples in bloom on Pleasant Hill, May.Lilac leaves with blue sky beyond, taken from the hammock, May.Pea plants for June!Hosta leaves in the lilac thicket, July.Helenium for Mama Helen, August.Sunrise across the road, August.Mid-October sunrise across the road.Happy Halloween from a spooky house on a hill.Larches goldening across the road, November.


  1. Anonymous8:06 AM

    The picture are always great. Joan

  2. Anonymous5:50 PM

    Oh yea, I love the images.