26 October 2009

ruh-roh: i’m already thinking about next spring

Surely I will ease off for the winter, but maybe not.

I was hanging around over at Blithewold the other day and noticed a single dahlia with petals that look like the dawn sky. I think it’s exquisite, and you can see it on this post (collage at the bottom of the post; upper left photo: Dahlia “Florinoor.” I couldn’t find it on a Google search of my own, so I asked Kris where she got it, and she pointed me toward Corralitos Gardens, which I think just may become one of my favorite Web sites come next spring.

On the next post, Kris posted a photograph of tiger eyes staghorn sumac (Rhus typhina “Bailtiger” Tiger Eyes), another plant I think I will have to have next year.

B and I want to visit Blithewold! There’s some beautiful stuff going on over in that Rhode Island garden for sure!


  1. Jared, I did buy a Tiger Eyes sumac last year, it is very beautiful. But after I planted it, I went on a garden tour, and saw a few older ones. At the base of each of them were a bunch of seedlings. Now for you with all your property it will probably not be a problem, I am sure you could use a few extra, but for a small urban garden, might be a problem.
    But that sumac just glows!

  2. Well, that's a consideration certainly. We have enough invasive plants already! But maybe we can make an exception for this glowing treasure. Hmmmmmm.