10 October 2009

plans for the day (or weekend, more like)

So it's a long weekend, B has gone to Vermont for a few hours, I'm drinking coffee and looking out the kitchen window at the early morning. The sky is gray with clouds, but I'm pretty certain they will burn off, and we'll see some sun. Which is good.

Plans for Columbus Day weekend:
  • Take more pics of the barn to add to the slideshow. The trees behind have turned (some have dropped their leaves already!), so there will be some nice kuhluh.
  • "Harvest" leaves for mulch, which involves raking them into a tarp and dragging them up into the cow barn where they can dry out before I mow them into shreds. (I read a funny little paragraph in one of my books last night about waiting to mulch until after the ground has frozen.*)
  • Begin digging the new garden! I want to do this now so the garden has a chance to settle over the winter.
  • Weed the bed down by the road (although, come to think of it, maybe I should just leave it as it is; it's scary-looking so it might be the perfect Halloween decoration, hmmm)
And, of course, we'll want to do some leaf-peeping (peak here this weekend, looks like!) and sitting in front of a crackling fire in the fireplace when it gets chilly tonight . . .

* "No matter where you live one rule is universal: never apply any mulch until after the ground has frozen. A winter mulch is put on to keep the ground cold, to prevent the alternate freezing and thawing which causes frost-heave, tears and exposes plant roots. Also, a premature mulch encourages mice. These little creatures spend the fall looking for a cozy spot for the winter, and to find warm earth under a warm mulch would be the equivalent of your finding a New York apartment with a garden in back and wood-burning fireplaces in every room, and at a rent you could afford to pay. So wait until the ground is well frozen and the mice have found other quarters before applying a winter mulch." (from The Country Garden, by Josephine Nuese, New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1970)


  1. I don't know if I can wait that long. It gets pretty nippy out there in December on the Great Plains with the wind. What about 1"? Can I please put down 1" on 10/31?

  2. I'm not saying anything, but don't let Josephine catch you!