06 October 2009

or is blue my favorite?

Hard to decide, that’s for sure. I took this picture a few weekends ago when we traveled to the upper reaches of Washington County with our friends Brian and Jim.

One of B’s lettuce mixtures this year included endive, so we’ve had some lovely chicory flowers to look at in the garden all summer. This chicory was growing on the banks of the Hudson River.

True blue.


  1. What a lovely light blue flower. I love blue flowers best.

  2. Noelle, I think most of us view chicory as a weed on the East Coast—it grows by the roads and in abandoned city lots, after all—but I think it has real value as a member in good standing of the flower garden, don't you?

    (I've just glanced at your blog, but I am going to go back and look around a lot more; I want to get more of an idea what it's like to garden in Arizona!)