13 July 2009

first buds on dahlias 2009

The dahlias are all still pretty short (not short enough that they don’t need staking, however), but with all the rain and clouds, they just haven’t grown so much yet. BUT . . . I noticed the first buds on them this weekend, specifically Friday evening, 10 July. This is a exactly a week later than last year, in spite of the fact that I potted up the tubers approximately two weeks later this year than last (22 April 2008 vs. 5 May 2009). The first dahlia last year was “Bloodstone” on 14 July. I wonder how much later the first bloom will be this year.

Alan tells me that the dahlias he planted on his roof are lots and lots of leaves, but no buds yet. I bet he just hasn’t looked hard enough.

I am, as always, very excited.

Also to note: Some bird ate the melon plants I put at the end of the dahlia bed, so I divided and planted two cannas from last year (“Madame Angele Martin”), three gladiolus corms (“Atom”) that Old House Gardens sent to me to give away and that I selfishly kept and then forgot about, and some cerinthe seeds that I meant to plant weeks ago. If they don’t bloom, so be it, but the leaves should be pretty.

It has been such a rainy, cold summer so far that I am still in spring mode. We’ll see how these new plantings go.


  1. Hi Jared,I've had some Dahlias,but it's been too wet and over-cast for them yet,the tomatoes are late too,so we'll see...have a good week! B

  2. Hi, Brian, everything is slower this year on account of no sun, eh? Hope your dahlias and tomatoes come into their own soon!