27 July 2009

“empress of india” nasturtiums

What a glorious red, and look at those leaves (those leaves!)! They actually have a thin indigo margin on the edges, and the cool blue-green plays so wonderfully against the flowers. And I love how the flowers are tucked among the leaves, rather than setting above them.

I bought six little plants in May and put them in the herb garden. Normally, I avoid nasturtiums because I have it in my head that they attract aphids, and who wants to attract aphids? But this year I figured what the heck. The cool, rainy weather certainly hasn’t hurt these guys at all.


  1. Admittedly, I got started late, but I planted some nasturtium seeds maybe 6-8 weeks ago and have yet to see a single flower. Only two plants, too, as far as that goes (out of maybe 15 seeds). It's probably my fault somehow, but between that and the huge spider mite infestation they attracted two springs ago at work, I'm finding nasturtiums very, you know, overrated.

    Now marigolds, on the other hand, . . .

  2. Sorry about your poor germination. Honestly, I thought they were overrated, too, and I think I'd tried them once and had a lot of problems, so I was not expecting much, maybe a red flower or two. The way they're looking is a pleasant surprise for me . I also didn't plant them in one big clump: more like two plants here and two plants there . . . so if they didn't do well, well then, no problem, plenty of other stuff to take the focus off. You will have good luck with them some other year, I bet!

    And you can always depend on marigolds! I like the short single ones. A couple year ago I planted some called "Cottage Red," I think, and I LOVED them. (I guess I love red.)