23 June 2009

interesting effect

I think I’m going to try this. At North Hill, I was quite taken by a shady area that had hostas growing nearest to the path in the front at about a foot and a half high with Vinca minor at around eight inches tall planted behind and stretching off into the distance. The effect was of a sea of vinca off of a shore of hosta. My impulse is always always always "short in front and tall in back," but this was the exact opposite. Why did it work for me? Use of only those two species, the contrast between the lighter-colored hosta and the darker vinca, the heavy cover provided by both, and the slight difference in height between the two. Quite something. Really lovely.


  1. That sounds like a very interesting combination. I'm also one of the short in front/taller in back people, but I don't always get it right. I ought to post about the oopsies because funny blog posts are always good. I'd like to have seen a photo of what you saw - it sounds lovely.

  2. Thanks for visiting, Kim! It really was beautiful. My camera was on the fritz for that garden visit, but I did take pictures with my friend Betty's camera, and specifically of that combination. When I see her again, I'll get the photos and post them!

    There's a lot I don't get right. I suffer from Cram 'Em In syndrome.