08 June 2009

in bloom, 6 June 2009

  • All lilacs are finished save for “Krasavitsa Moskvy,” the blooms of which are turning brown, but are fragrant still.
In bloom
  • First peonies are out!
  • White Siberian iris blooming merrily away next to the garage; they were in full bud last weekend.
  • All three colors of bearded iris are out: maroon, yellow, and blue. Gorgeous. Looks like a crayon box.
  • Red and pink Oriental poppies blooming; white still to come.
  • Baptisia is in second week of bloom; pretty against the red Oriental poppies.
  • Red lupine in bloom since at least last weekend; nice against the bearded iris.
  • Lemon lilies in bloom along stone wall; would love to weed that bed and divide some to plant in full sun; lovely foliage.
  • Chives and comfrey blooming together in herb bed.
  • Allium in shade bed still blooming.
  • Bridal wreath spirea blooming in its small way (new this year from Miller Nurseries)
  • Nepeta blooming
  • Blue columbine blooming
In bud
  • Mock orange bush
  • Rosa rugosa on slope setting lots of buds and throwing out an occasional bloom
  • Roses in the crib budding out
Surprises of the season (so far)
  • Butterfly bush survived the winter; sending up lots of nice shoots.
  • “Boone” gladiolus from Old House Gardens also survived the winter; it’s sending up more leaves this year.
  • Brand-new quince bush planted by the prayer shack is budding way down toward the base. Can’t wait to see the color.

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  1. Sounds like it's looking very pretty there. It's fun when so much is blooming at once.
    I wanted to say thanks for the letter and Cerinthe seeds. I received the gardening by letter package yesterday. I will accept your Cerinthe challenge although I bet you're already ahead. I'm going to plant them today :)
    Thanks again!