01 June 2009

euphorbia “diamond frost”

What a wonderful plant. For the record, I’m not a big front-of-the-border bedding plant kind of guy. The annuals I like in the garden I can count on one hand: Nicotiana alata, Verbena bonariensis (which, as a terrific self-sower, I had to buy only once four years ago), red zinnias, marigolds for around B’s tomatoes, and portulaca (called rose moss in B’s family and one of his dad’s favorite flowers). If had seven fingers on my one hand I’d add morning glories and moonflowers, too, but really that’s it. The old standards.

So I was a little surprised when I saw Euphorbia “Diamond Frost,” a Proven Winners® plant, at the garden center last spring and found myself smitten. It looked like a little pot of Dr. Seuss fluff, and I was completely taken with it, so B and I bought two pots, which I planted in the half shade of the lilac border. My mom became equally as enamored the first time she saw it, so I gave one to her. The one I held onto turned into a frothy mound of lacy white, probably 18 inches tall and wide; just gorgeous. Over the winter I thought that if I saw it again at the nursery, I’d get a bunch and plant them two or three feet apart on the edge of the lilac bed. Fast forward to two weekends ago, when B and I made our first trip of the season over to Clear Brook Farm in Shaftsbury. I bought five pots. Then we stopped off at another nursery in Salem called The Greenery, where on a little further consideration I bought two more. They’re all planted and are settling in; by midsummer they will be shimmering in the shade.

This is a beautiful, beautiful plant! And it can take heat and drought and is deer-resistant, too, apparently. What’s not to love? Seriously: a very nice plant. (The photograph above is one I borrowed from the Proven Winners Web site.)

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