27 May 2009

not quite what the doctor ordered

It’s a pretty little lily of the valley to be sure. You can almost smell the blossoms, and the white is so pure, so clean. I should be thrilled that the pips I planted and grew on the fire escape in the city are healthy and capable of producing these lovely flowers.

Well, I would be (and I mostly am), except for the fact that they’re supposed to be pink. I ordered three relatively expensive pips of Convallaria majalis Rosea from White Flower Farm earlier this spring; potted them up as soon as they arrived; and then counted the days until the buds appeared, swelled, and opened.

They’re not pink.

This is what they should look like (photograph courtesy of White Flower Farm)

I think it will be a good use of 15 minutes of my time to jot a note to customer service in the hope of getting a little satisfaction. I’m still kicking myself that I didn’t write to McClure & Zimmerman a few years ago to alert them to the sad fact that most of the 96 Allium moly I ordered turned out to be little better than chives. And non-blooming chives at that.



  1. Very disappointing after having waited for what you thought you had ordered. I'm having to make a phone call myself. Sorry...

  2. I also have purchased the pink lily of the valley through mail order. It was pink, but you could only tell if you held it up to a white one, a very subtle difference in colour. I have read that a lot of catalogue photos are Photoshopped, in order to enhance the colour, I wonder if that is what is happening with the lily of the valley? I don't know anyone else who has grown it.
    I am going back through your older posts, they are very interesting!