19 May 2009


It is lilac time up in Hebron. B and I remarked to each other this weekend as we were out and about that we don’t think we've ever seen the lilacs in Washington County as full of blossoms as they are this year. Each stand we passed is crammed with flowers. Even our old lilacs (which will get the last bit of their hard three-year pruning in June) are covered with blooms. We didn’t realize we had so many old white lilacs; we know now, because they are announcing themselves this spring in a very big way!

B is proud of the way the ones he’s been pruning are coming to life again; when he began taking down the very oldest branches a few years back, he was afraid he’d killed the bushes. They’re the ones that are blooming most enthusiastically this year.

The three lilacs we bought and planted on B’s birthday last year, though only four feet tall this spring, are showing us what they can do, too. I want to tell them: Hey! Slow down! You have years ahead of you! We’re delighted, though, that they seem to be settling in. “Pocahontas” has dark purple, very strong-scented blooms; “Madame Lemoine” is pure white and also exceptionally fragrant; and “Beauty of Moscow” (“Krasavitsa Moskvy”) has pink buds that open into doubled blossoms the barest shade of pink off from white: It is a stunner. At one point on Sunday afternoon, I was taking a break from mowing—just standing and looking out at the field across the road from us—and I realized I was breathing in lilac-scented air.

B cut a bucket of branches to bring back to the city. He took some to his friend Stephanie in a marshmallow Fluff container (makes a good vase, and Stephanie likes Fluff); the others we are enjoying at home.


  1. Anonymous8:27 AM

    Lilacs are such an absolute part of spring -- what would we do without that heady fragrance? :)

  2. Our lilacs are really disappointing this year. But it's our fault for not having gotten to the pruning last June.

  3. Hey Jared, so glad to hear your lilacs are flourishing...nothing compares to that lilac scented air, isn't Pocahontas amazing in the sunlight? it just glows! Brian

  4. It's one of my favorites. Reminds me of my happy childhood.