12 May 2009

go go gardening by letter project!

Last Thursday evening I came home from work, walked up the stairs to our apartment (which looks like it’s in a cave judging from the light in the photo above), and was delighted to find a very large envelope on the welcome mat from flowergardengirl. I wish you’d seen the grin on my face.

I wrote a quick note to Anna to tell her it had arrived and that I was taking it north with me so that I could open it in the place where I actually garden. You know how that goes: 45 minutes into my train ride on Saturday morning, I decided I couldn’t wait any longer. Out came the envelope from my briefcase, zip went my finger along the flap, and wow WOW! were the words I said when I looked inside. I must have been a happy sight early on a Saturday morning: Who’s the guy chortling over there next to the window?

Thank you all so much (if I could scrawl a big thick line under each word, I would) for the thought and care you took with the contents of that envelope. I’ll visit each of your blogs and thank you in person, but I want you to know that I’m eager to start the seeds (lucky me to be the April recipient, just the right time for planting!), write (or simply pass along; what a good idea) the cards, drink the tea, take the napkins on a picnic to the red barn, listen to tales from Ireland, and dream about the far-off, beautiful gardens of my blogging friends (I hadn’t realized we’re such an international group).

A million and one thanks from me to all of you! Catherine, recipient for the lusty month of May, I tell you: You are in for a huge treat!

Thank you, Anna, for being the ringleader and den mother. This is FUN!


  1. Is it not the most wonderful thing to get in the mail?

    I loved mine.


  2. Anonymous11:59 PM

    Yea!!!! I'm so glad you like your package of goodies! Many hugs to you and I'll be expecting a picture of a very nice picnic table set with the napkins--at the red barn!