05 May 2009

check! new dahlia tubers planted

On Sunday afternoon I went hunting in the garage for plastic pots to use to start my dahlias. Tonight I planted the first four. These are new tubers I ordered this year from Old House Gardens: “Clair de Lune,” “Giraffe,” “White Fawn,” and “Winsome.” All four are already showing signs of growth, so it is with high hopes and great expectations that I potted them up, watered them, and put them in the bathroom on the floor for the night. If tomorrow is warmer and sunnier than today, they will spend eight hours on the fire escape.

I also brought back the tubers I dug last fall, buried in peat moss, and stored in our basement. They are huge clumps. If I were to plant all of them in separate pots, I’d have about 40 plants. Not enough room on the fire escape! Hmmm, maybe I’ll ask Alan if he’d let me park some of the sprouts on his roof until it’s time to set them out.

I planted my White Flower Farm purchases this weekend up near the prayer shack on the edge of the orchard, watered them in, and am crossing my fingers. The quince was a little wilted, but I’m hoping he recovers. Also planted a yellow magnolia, a pagoda dogwood, a candelabra primose, and a pulmonaria. On the fire escape in the city I’m watching a globeflower and a pink lily of the valley sprout. When they’re bigger and more established, I’ll plant them in the garden.

Very excited! My favorite time of year!


  1. Hi Jared! I agree with you, this is such a great time -to buy, to plant, to watch the green tiny thing coming out from the ground... I planted dahlia last year, the first time in my garden. I've been told that there is no need to dig them out since winters are mild here. Well, it wasn't awfully cold, but it was wet. So, I found several rotten tubers. Hopefully, some tubers survived...
    Will wait for your dahlia pictures!

  2. Anonymous12:33 AM

    That's a lot of work but will be so rewarding. I just can't believe you grow all of that---or attempt to grow it all on your fire escape. But then it will be so grand!

    I worked so hard in the garden today that I can barely move. This is when I can eat more and still lose--yippee.

  3. Hi Jared, I started my Dahlias a few weeks ago...so exciting! The one I can't live without is called "Cafe au lait" just that color.I also started the chocolate Cosmos...so Dahlia like,gotta be related. Do you have Cucumber beetles Upstate? Like green lady bugs..I hate them,but I don't spray.They can shred a Dahlia blossom over night.Dead heading the older blossoms and drowning the bugs is about all you can do!(in a bucket of soapy water) Brian-Have a great weekend Upstate!

  4. Hi Jared, I, too, am really enjoying this time of year. I have some dahlia tubers to put in...I am going to try them for the first time. I'm not sure I'm going to be 'up' for digging them up at the end of the season. If they die over the winter so be it (I know, lazy-gardener-syndrome)! I'm not lazy in other ways, though. I sure hope you have success with yours this year!! PS Sorry about not sending 'hand photos'...I don't think I'm going to participate. I hope you don't mind.

  5. Anonymous10:41 AM

    It's my favourite time of year too, Jared -- so full of hope and renewal, as yet untouched by summer's real heat and humidity. Love it! Yeehaw on the new dahlias. :-)