17 April 2009

the waiting game

I’m not too eager, eh?

Arrived at the house this evening after dark and went right out with the flashlight to check the progress of the trees and shrubs I planted on Monday and Tuesday. Not a single leaf! How exasperating! And then I realized the last time I checked on them was three days ago. They’ve barely had time to blink.

How do you say: impatient?


  1. Anonymous12:25 AM

    Silly....they will come and hope you don't miss it.

    It's so pretty here this week. My word at the blooms and beauty. I'm overwhelmed. Your time is coming.

  2. J, If there's anything gardening teaches a gardener, it's patience. Perhaps it's a lesson learned by repetition? At any rate, I think I may be gaining a bit of patience. Using hindsight, I can see the way things develop over time and it's probably much better than what I might have envisioned at the onset. :-)

    (And sometimes it takes 4 years to begin a specific project, but it feels right when it's finally begun!) ;-)