07 April 2009

tulips from mom

Last Friday evening I went with my sister Martha and my parents to see my niece in Guys & Dolls at her high school. Mom, Dad, and I had dinner at home before. Mom had arranged three pots of tulips on the dining room table. She said, “I saw these today and thought that you and Martha would like them, too, so I bought three pots: one for you, one for Marth, and one for us.”

I took ours home with me in the car, and B and I have been enjoying them all week.

Pretty tulips from Mom.


  1. How pretty! I see the tulips are color-coordinated with the striped curtains in the background!

  2. Anonymous8:41 AM

    Beautiful tulips and, yes, so nicely coordinated with the curtains. :) I love colour. I never realized just how much until this winter, I don't believe. I hope it's warming up on the farm.

  3. Anonymous9:35 PM

    Big hugs to your mom from me--a mother of two boys. They are pretty cool and especially in front of those curtains.

    My son has a dead tree in his front yard and it's killing me. I want to go dig it up and rescue his yard. I would do all his yard work if he would let me.

  4. Only a mother can be so thoughtful.
    What a nice mother you have!