29 April 2009

a smart purchase

A few years back, B and I planted and then killed two larch trees in quick succession. We learned our lessons, though: Keep the weed-whacker far, far away, and water regularly. We were helped along in this second lesson by using a doughnut-shaped PVC water reservoir located and bought and delivered to us by B’s mom and sister. It’s called a TreeGator Junior, and the idea behind it is to drip water slowly over a period of 8 or 9 hours. Slow watering goes deep, as they say, which encourages strong root development. We filled that doughnut every weekend during the larch’s first summer in residence at Pleasant Hill, and the tree settled right in. Happy larch! Happy us!

So now I’ve got a cherry tree, an apple tree, and today White Flower Farm is delivering a magnolia, a flowering quince, and a dogwood. Yikes! I went online two nights ago and ordered another TreeGator Junior and may very well go ahead and order a third so I can hit all the new woody things in succession over the course of a weekend. Have I bitten off more than I can chew? Possibly.

Although, for the record, I have to say that if the hose reaches, trickling water into the dish around a newly planted shrub seemed to work as well last summer when we were getting some lilacs established. So maybe I’ll save my money on that third one.

I bought my TreeGator Junior from a place called gradysonline.com via amazon.com: $23.78, which includes shipping. Bargain.

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  1. Anonymous5:15 PM

    You've made some wonderful choices in your trees, Jared -- I hope they all do very well for you. :)