16 April 2009

persistent spring: west 11th street no. 2

I marvel at this hydrangea (or hydrania, as one of Alan’s rooftop gardening friends calls them): It sits in a pot on the sidewalk next to West 11th Street. Sends up shoots in the spring, grows prettily through April, May, and June and looks as if it might just bloom, and then July hits: Wilt wilt wilt. Maybe its owner goes away for the summer or maybe he or she just forgets, but this little plant does not get cared for. This summer I will engage in some coffee-can guerrilla watering and feeding.

And it may be facing further challenges from the scaffolding erected over it as work is done on the apartment building next door.

DANGER: Men neglecting plant!

And yet it grows.


  1. Anonymous4:57 PM

    Tenacity. It's amazing under what conditions a plant like that will thrive. I like the idea of the guerilla watering!

  2. Poor thing! NOt the best choice for a neglected pot.LOL

  3. I root for it every year, hoping that its owner will have mercy. I'd love to see a bloom! And, yes, flowrgirl1, definitely not a good choice in that situation, although I wonder if this year it might do better because of the shade it will get from the scaffolding. Hmmmm!

  4. Anonymous12:26 AM

    This is good story and I want follow-ups. I too wonder if the scaffolding might just be the ticket. It's coming up like a hydrangea who loves water.

    My Limelight can take the heat. It's got skinny leaves at the start and sprouts out from the branches. Those lacecaps and such love that water don't they? I bet it was an Easter gift one year.

    Guerilla watering will make your arms grow long from what I hear.