12 April 2009

easter evening

B and I drove north after church this afternoon to spend a few days post-Easter at Pleasant Hill. He’s just come through a very busy few weeks at his job, and I did a lot of Holy Week singing, so we are both grateful for the opportunity to recalibrate.

I tucked my order from Miller Nurseries in the back of the car and am planning on getting the apple and cherry trees as well as the blueberry bushes, a bridal wreath spirea, and some phlox (from Alan) in the ground tomorrow. Am also itching to clean up the flower garden, inventory it, weed it, and mulch everything with shredded leaves.

It’s been chilly and rainy in New York City this past week. Betty tells me it’s been chillier and snowier up here in Hebron. Spring is playing hard-to-get this year for sure!

We were ecstatic to see, however, some daffodils blooming as we drove up the driveway: large-cupped King Alfreds, I think. What a sweet, pure, unfussy yellow they are.

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