22 April 2009

clearing brush

Last Saturday and Sunday I cleared brush and made progress on some other big chores in the yard, including dragging out the all-powerful DR chipper and attacking what B and I call “the habitat,” a brush pile that has gotten taller than us over the past couple years. But you know what? If you ignore a brush pile long enough the smaller branches will begin to decompose on their own. Still plenty to chip, but not quite the amount we started out with. We’ll use the chips on the paths between the raised beds in B’s vegetable garden.

I also did battle with the grapevines that twine their way through everything growing on the border between the woods and the open places. At some point on Sunday afternoon I was swinging (and screaming, which upset Dale) like Tarzan as I attempted to pull a particularly tenacious vine from the top of a choke cherry.

B experienced a similar homicidal obsession a few years back when he cleared all the grapevines from the apple trees in our old orchard. They are nasty things, but I do respectfully acknowledge their ability to clamber over whatever separates them from the sun.

There will be further skirmishes this weekend.


  1. On occasion I can pull a dandelion, root and all, from extremely wet ground. But the wild grape surpasses even the dandelion in its tenacity. I've never been able to root out even a small one. It must be among the most highly competitive, tenacious natives we have. Well, it's not kudzu, but close.

  2. Thankfully it doesn't grow as quickly as kudzu, but I have "followed" a root out of 15 feet of mowed lawn on occasion. Amazing what it's capable of.

  3. I think one of the best things about Winter is the fervor one gains by the time Spring arrives! Good going!! I fall into the guilty category by not taking enough "before" photos, too. However, I hope you'll show an "After!" :-)

  4. Anonymous11:05 AM

    Yes, there are some plants that you have to admire, if only for their tenacity. :) Vines can be very stubborn!

  5. Anonymous1:53 AM

    I laughed at the sight of poor Dale. He probably thought he did something wrong.

    OH--we have kudzu which makes green statues out of everything in its path. I do see you've already mentioned it.

    I worked this weekend at the garden center where I was employed full time for several years. It really woke up some muscles that I had forgotten existed.

    I've been trying to pull out some old Nandina bushes and forget it--I've decided they look really good where they are.

    I like the new header and all--and barn--of course the barn. Very you.