30 March 2009

quick inventory

Was at the house for only an overnight this weekend (had to get back to Manhattan to sing in church on Sunday), but accomplished the following:
  • Moved clumps of sod plowed up by Gene this winter back to their correct positions on the lawn.
  • Picked a snowdrop and marveled at its fragrance.
  • Reassured myself that the hellebore nipped by deer is sending up new leaves (yay, hellebore!).
  • Realized that most of the green I'm seeing in the garden is actually weeds left over from last year; but am noting emerging leaves on several plants (including columbine and sedum).
All this is at least a week ahead of last year. Verrry interesting, as it still seems like winter to me, and we've had a long and hard winter.


  1. Winters in NY are never easy, are they. You'll be seeing more and more green very soon, and I hope it's not more weeds:-)

    I came by thinking you might have a post up for muse day again...oh well--I understand you get busy!

  2. Anonymous12:22 AM

    You are too funny--plowed up, I've got some plowed up lawn too. Crab grass is taking over that spot. ERRR.

    No weeds in the garden though. I got rid of them a few weeks ago which is about how far ahead we are in weather conditions down here in NC.

    I was sad you only got to spend one night at the house. That's dreadful.