08 March 2009

poem for early march

by Wendell Berry

Through the weeks of deep snow
we walked above the ground
on fallen sky, as though we did
not come of root and leaf, as though
we had only air and weather
for our difficult home
But now
as March warms, and the rivulets
run like birdsong on the slopes,
and the branches of light sing in the hills,
slowly we return to earth.

Saw this on Jonathan Katz’s blog, then looked for it elsewhere and found it everywhere. A good poem for the end of winter. And, man, has it been a long winter.

Wendell Berry is a Kentucky author whose essays on sustainability, the environment, and his values are more familiar to me than his poetry. Clearly I need to read more of his poetry.


  1. I enjoyed his poem. It has been a long winter, especially for you in the snowy north. I'm glad spring is about here!

    Good luck w/your continuation and pursuit of a 'sustainable' lifestyle. The more I read about changes that we all can make, the more I realize how less is actually more.

  2. Thank you for sharing that. It does feel good to get out and walk in the dirt again finally. Even if it's muddy dirt!

  3. Very nice. A good choice for March. And now, we're so very near to April, we can almost hear it! :-)

  4. Anonymous12:40 AM

    I have enough warm weather to share.....here ya go. Did you feel it?