30 March 2009

quick inventory

Was at the house for only an overnight this weekend (had to get back to Manhattan to sing in church on Sunday), but accomplished the following:
  • Moved clumps of sod plowed up by Gene this winter back to their correct positions on the lawn.
  • Picked a snowdrop and marveled at its fragrance.
  • Reassured myself that the hellebore nipped by deer is sending up new leaves (yay, hellebore!).
  • Realized that most of the green I'm seeing in the garden is actually weeds left over from last year; but am noting emerging leaves on several plants (including columbine and sedum).
All this is at least a week ahead of last year. Verrry interesting, as it still seems like winter to me, and we've had a long and hard winter.

08 March 2009

poem for early march

by Wendell Berry

Through the weeks of deep snow
we walked above the ground
on fallen sky, as though we did
not come of root and leaf, as though
we had only air and weather
for our difficult home
But now
as March warms, and the rivulets
run like birdsong on the slopes,
and the branches of light sing in the hills,
slowly we return to earth.

Saw this on Jonathan Katz’s blog, then looked for it elsewhere and found it everywhere. A good poem for the end of winter. And, man, has it been a long winter.

Wendell Berry is a Kentucky author whose essays on sustainability, the environment, and his values are more familiar to me than his poetry. Clearly I need to read more of his poetry.