01 February 2009

picnic table snow gauge

Snow on ice on snow on ice, with more mixed precipitation expected on Monday or Tuesday. Gosh, it’s been a beautiful winter. Kind of a strain in some ways, but gorgeous.

We are thinking good thoughts about B’s mom and sister in Kentucky, who were and are without power owing to the tremendous ice storm there last week. The utility crews are working as hard as they can, but a lot of people can expect to be without electricity for weeks. Hang in there!

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  1. Anonymous11:19 PM

    It is beautiful. Poor B's mom--big hugs her way.

    We are waiting on our first snow. We might get a single flake and school will be cancelled for a week while the puddle unfreezes. Our temp today went from 60 to 37 in a few hours. It was strange. Some people went out in short sleeves and came home freezing.