04 February 2009

it begins

Took a jar of change to the bank this morning before I went to work and ran it through the coin-counting machine: $39.46. Spent a dollar at Sam’s coffee cart, and put the rest into an old wallet: PLANT MONEY!

A few wishes for the day (from notes taken this past weekend after an evening spent perusing catalogs):

Eremurus himalaicus: Pure white foxtail lily. Four feet tall, sun . . . “Hundreds of small flowers that open from the bottom upward. Stems are clothed for half their length in flowers.” Zone 4, when most foxtail lilies seem to be hardy to Zone 5+ only!

Gaillardia “Amber Wheels”: Yellow petals, amber-red center. Wow! This is the gaillardia I told Alan about. I think it’s very cool. “Larger (28"–32") plants loaded with wide, deep-yellow flowers all summer long.”

Gaillardia “Oranges & Lemons”: I waited too long to order this last year from Bluestone, and they were sold out. I won’t be too late in 2009. I’ll have to plant this away from “Amber Wheels” because the colors are softer. Pretty, ain’t it?

Hemerocallis citrina: Citron lily (also called the commuter daylily at Niche Gardens in North Carolina), native to China, yellow flowers “open in early evening, wafting their delightful fragrance.” Along with H. flava and H. fulva, I’ll corner the market on old daylilies.

Trollius “Cheddar”: I see this in nurseries and catalogs every year and never buy it because for some reason I remember the species as an early-summer bloomer (meaning four days in the middle of the second week in June, when I know we won’t be at the house), but one catalog says it’s May–July. Hmm.

It would appear I have a thing for yellow flowers.

A little food for dreams tonight.

Photographs from Bluestone Perennials, Niche Gardens, White Flower Farm, and Wikipedia.


  1. Perhaps this is your 'yellow flower' week. Maybe next week you can feature 'blues' or 'mauves' !!! The white foxtail lily is interesting. I also love the Trollius! Haven't seen one before. Good luck with your plant hunting:)

  2. What a gorgeous selection! I love yellows.

  3. Anonymous4:37 PM

    I want the oranges and lemons too. I hear you about the plant money. I start saving the minute the last plant goes in the ground the season before.