17 February 2009

i LIKE that: complete!

Thank you, Flower Garden Girl! She left a comment on the previous post pointing me over to Philip’s blog, Gardens of a Golden Afternoon, which is where I saw the grass squares. His assessment of them: “clever this.” They are beautiful. And I want to run my fingers through the shaggy grass.

Betty told me about a thyme garden she saw last year up in our neck of the woods. The point of it is to lie down in it and roll. In church we engage as many of the senses as we can: the smell of the incense, the scritch-scritch of ashes on Ash Wednesday, the sight of morning light pouring through the window above the altar, the taste of the communion wafer and wine, the music . . .

All of my senses are engaged in the garden, too, of course, as I weed and dig and pinch and occasionally taste. And when visitors show up, I want them to experience the garden the way I do, so I take them to B’s vegetable garden and pick a tomato or a basil leaf for them to eat. I encourage them to run their fingers through the Miscanthus or the lamb’s ear, have them feel the soft bristliness of a Verbena bonariensis flower or smell a leaf from the scented geranium.

Alan’s roof garden is exceptional because it’s possible to get close to all of the plants in it.

I have to remember this and consider how to do more of this in our garden.


  1. Anonymous12:44 PM

    Proving that we do, indeed, use all our senses to really enjoy the garden. :)

  2. Anonymous10:26 PM

    You are welcome and i loved that grass too. I love how it looks wind blown and flowing. I am also an all senses gardener. I feel like my garden is a real expression of who I am. I want people to feel welcome there.

  3. I love the idea of an herb "rolling garden." I'd put lots of lavendar in mine.

  4. Anonymous7:43 PM

    Jared -- we can't access Blotanical, so couldn't get to your plot, but wanted to say Happy Birthday before the day was completely gone. :) I hope it was wonderful.

  5. Jared, I believe it is your birthday today (at least that's what my email message said, from Blotanical). Since Blotanical is not working today, I thought I would stop by and say happy birthday here on your blog. I hope you had a great day! Funny thing, mine is tomorrow;-)

  6. Thanks, Nancy and Jan for the lovely birthday wishes! Hope yours, Jan, was a terrific as mine!