10 January 2009

young granddaddy

Our family has a family stories blog, and a few days ago my dad added a photograph of my mom’s dad as a young man. Dad told me he sees a lot of my brother, me, and my mom’s brother in my grandfather’s eyes and the tilt of his head. This is a surprise, because (1) I’ve never thought that my brother and I look very much like my uncle; and (2) my family has always thought we take after my dad’s side in terms of looks. Very interesting indeed. And a beautiful photograph of Granddaddy.


  1. Anonymous7:44 PM

    I adore those older portraits. You know, digital cameras are just the cat's meow, but one of these generations, there's not going to be any of these lovely, formal portraits to gaze upon...no family albums and such. This is a wonderful photo.

  2. It's just not the same looking at things on a screen. B and I keep saying we need to print up our nicest photos and put them in an album. Do you?

  3. Anonymous3:04 AM

    It is a picture full of character. He looks distinguished just as I imagine you do too.