05 January 2009

reminders of autumn’s color

Okay, so when the digital camera was on the fritz (and it has since miraculously healed itself), I took a few photographs with my cell phone. Never mind the fact that the little lens on the outside of the phone is scratched by house keys that live in the same pants pocket and often is smudged with fingerprints, these photos are colorful! I especially like the gauziness of the images on their edges.

Nice autumnal color combination coming up: Geranium “Rozanne” weeping into Sedum spectabile “Autumn Joy.” A little Miscanthus sinensis “Gracillimus” is leaning in for the shot. The pretty-looking leaves in the lower left are some thorny weed that came in with a load of compost I bought in the spring. Ouch!

Next is the barn through a haze of red zinnias. After the killing frost, I nipped off a bunch of dried flower heads and saved the seeds for next year. Does anyone out there in Internetland know whether zinnias reproduce true to color? I’m going to do a test germination run soon. If the seeds are viable, I’ll be glad to send some to anyone who expresses an interest via a comment. Don’t be shy! (I just sent a SASE for some seeds of stock that I learned about from a post I read on Blotanical.)

Below are some of the summer’s famous dahlias (and a few red zinnias) cut to give to friends and family. The purple is a clutch of Verbena bonariensis, a nice self-sower I recommend heartily.


  1. Anonymous12:58 AM

    These are fantastic and nice to see you again.

  2. Nice to be back. VERY busy fall, but I'm trying to do a post a day for now. Not much going on, though. How's tricks with you?!