07 January 2009

noo yawk coffee cart niceness

There are a number of coffee carts on the way from the 7 train to my office. Occasionally, when I am out of oatmeal envelopes (as I am presently), I will buy a bagel from one of them.

I don't really have a favorite, although after this morning's experience, I'm tempted to consider plighting my troth to Sam's (on the corner of 44th Street and Third Avenue). Nice guy; completely enjoying his job. I like that!

A blog entry by one of his devoted customers is right here. Go, Sam!


  1. Anonymous11:17 PM

    A bagel and hot coffee, right off the street. How different that NY street is from my little town. :)

  2. I'll bet! That's one of my favorite things about New York City. Coffee and a bagel on any street corner, as long as you request it before 11:00 am!